Sunday, May 22, 2005

USPS to launch new "Premium" forwarding service

According to an on-line article on the KESQ -TV (Palm Springs, Calif. ) Web site, the US Postal Service will soon introduce a new premium forwarding service. It's designed for customers who want all their mail sent priority to a temporary address.

“Catalogs and advertisements, anything they normally like to see that wouldn't get forwarded, because only first class mail gets forwarded, they'll get to have now instead of having to wait,” said Palm Desert Postmaster Raymond Rodriguez.

Postmaster Rodriguez says customers won't just benefit by getting their mail but getting it quicker. “It's not going to be going through our normal forwarding system. It's packaged into a premium priority box and sent to them. So it will be a little faster for them.”

When it begins in August, the premium forwarding service will begin a two year test run. If it proves to be popular enough, the USPS may make it permanent. But the convenience will cost a $10 enrollment fee, along with $10 for each weekly shipment.

The postal service says the new program will not affect already existing permanent and temporary forwarding services.

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posted by Don Schilling at 10:40 PM