Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I recently came across an old issue (March 2004) of the Highlands Stampede, the offical newsletter of the Highlands Stamp Club of Avon Park/Sebring, Florida.

In it is an interesting article, "The Incredible Columbians." Issued in 1893, they were the first United States commemoratives.

After reading it, I discovered something interesting that I had never thought about previously.

The Columbian series (SC230-245) are not arranged in a historically accurate chronological order. One has to view the stamps in the following order so as to tell the story in the right sequence...

30c -Columbus first seeking Queen lsabella'ssupport.
5c -Soliciting aid from the Queen
50c -When Queen lsabella recalledColumbus after initially rejecting his request.
$1.00 -Queen lsabella pledging her jewels.
3c -Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria.
4c-The fleet, Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta.
1c -Columbus in sight of land (with no beard).
2c -Columbus landing on Guanahani (with a full beard, oops!)
6c -Welcome home at Barcelona.
15c -Columbus announcing his discovery.
lOc -Presenting natives to court.
$2.00- Columbus in chains (for allegedly mistreating the natives).
8c -Columbus restored to favor.
$3.00- Columbus describing his third voyage.

Go figure!

A tip of the Round-Up tongs to "Stampede" editor, Budd Steinke.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 PM