Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stolen stamp collection recovered - 20 years later!!!!!

A Florida man with an eye for detail led the FBI to part of a stamp collection that showed up on eBay more than two decades after being stolen from the home of a collector.

According to the Midland (Michagan) Daily News, stamp collector Michael Perlman, of Fort Lauderdale, had pored over the black-and-white records of Charles J. Starnes' collection. The original collection, with distinct pen marks and imperfections, was taken in 1983.

So when Perlman was browsing Internet auction site eBay in May and saw some of the same pen marks and imperfections in color, he knew he had found part of Starnes' collection, which was worth an estimated $350,000 when taken.

Starnes' collection — taken while he was hospitalized — included six volumes with more than 400 envelopes with rare stamps and markings. Nothing but the collection, which was in a safe, was taken from Starnes' Midland [Michagan] home during the theft.

The collection was expected to be returned to Starnes' survivors.

To read the complete article, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 5:34 PM