Friday, August 19, 2005

An unusual first day cover

I recently received an unusual first day cover (shown above) which was sent to me from the APS StampShow in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Since it had no cancellation, the only way I knew it was a first day cover was by looking inside.

There I found a note thanking me for my support of the APS Building Fund and letting me know, "First day covers with only a single stamp paying presorted and bulk rates are extremely unusual. Most covers use more than one example of the stamp or add other stamps to reach the first-class rate."

Yeah, but it doesn't have a cancellation.

So I called Ken Martin, director of APS shows and exhibitions, and asked him, "How in the world would anyone know it' s really a FDC with out a cancellation?#$@!"

He admitted it was a bit vague but was nice enough to send me Postal Service Form 3600-P which certifies that 4271 pieces were mailed by the APS from Grand Rapids on August 5, 2005 - the first day of issue of the non-denominated 25c American Eagle stamp.

So there you have it. A first day cover with no cancellation. Go figure.
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posted by Don Schilling at 9:10 AM