Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why we collect stamps

On his interesting webpage, My Personal Thoughts on Collecting Stamps, Ross Taylor lists 19 reasons why he thinks we collect stamps.

They are:

1. They are aesthetically pleasing

2. They are miniature works of art

3. Desire to complete and arrange a set or collection

4. National pride, we tend to collect stamps from our own country

5. They have historical value, they show our Kings and Queens (or presidents)

6. Intellectual stimulation

7. Nostalgia, the good old days, memories of when I was young

8. Hoarding and sorting instinct

9. Sorting stamps to find a valuable one

10. They might become valuable one day

11. To avoid the wife [or husband, kids, in-laws, etc.]

12. Your Grandad gave you his collection

13. I want to be the world expert on the 1d red

14. To gloat over my collection

15. You enjoy stamps - you have the stamp 'bug'

16. You have an attention to detail

17. To spend some time during a winter's evening

18. You want to do philatelic research

19. A financial investment

If you have an other reason, click here and add them inTopix's Stamp Collecting News and Forum of which I have just been appointed an editor.

We'll still be doing the Round-Up, but this new site will be the place to go for comments, discussions and posts as well as additional phitlatelic news. I think it's a great new addition.

Check it out.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM