Thursday, March 09, 2006

A hunting we will go

In yesterday's Milford Daily News (Milford, MA) columnist James Johnston writes about an article that appeared in Linn's Stamp News recently.

The article talks about how Vice-President Cheney did not purchase a $7 hunting stamp (not the $2 Liberian version shown above) prior to his ill-fated Texas hunting expedition. While hunting, Cheney wounded his friend Harry Whittington - who also didn't buy one.

Johnson, a stamp collector for 57 years and freqent contributor to Linn's takes Senior Editor Rick Miller to task for making excuses for Cheney.

Miller pointed out that the law setting a separate fee for this particular bird stamp was only enacted in 2005 and that Cheney might not have known about it.

To which Johnson responds, "The fact remains that the Cheneys of this world never feel that laws were made for them. Laws, according to the psychology of such plutocrats, were made for common folks to obey."

From there it gets worse - A LOT worse. To read the entire column, click here.

For more on duck stamps, click here.
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