Monday, July 31, 2006

Pricing in Proportion

According to the Daily Mail, consumer groups are warning that "the biggest shake-up in Britain's postal service for more than 165 years has the makings of a mega-disaster."

Beginning August 21, new pricing rules go into effect regarding the size and thickness - not just the weight - of letters, oversize greeting cards and parcels.

The paper goes on to say, "But experts are warning that hardly anybody knows about the radical shake-up which they believe is 'as big as decimalisation' which took place in 1971."

"The consumer watchdog Postwatch fears the country's 14,400 post office will be hit by massive queues from people who are left confused by the changes."

"This week the Royal Mail will begin the biggest-ever mailout with letters about the new 'Pricing in Proportion' being sent UK's 27 million addresses."

Norvic Philatelics reports on their Website that new Large Letter 1st and 2nd class definitive stamps will be issued August 1, and 1st and 2nd Class definitives for standard letters will be redesigned with a new larger service indicator which are shown above.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 PM