Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stamp camp

The Milton, Pennsylvania, post office sponsored a daylong stamp camp for children in conjunction with the unveiling of the new “With Love and Kisses” stamp Saturday according to the Milton Daily Standard.

The camp’s director, Cheryl Edgcomb, is quoted in the article as saying only one of the 16 children in attendance had experience in stamp collecting, but all left with plenty of insight into the hobby and a good base with which to start their own collections.

Edgcomb said the event is geared towards children in grades three through eight, since that’s an age group when most kids like to start collecting things.

Edgcomb told staff writer Pam Dailey, “This is going to take them in so many different directions.”

During the course of the day, the kids learned the history of stamps, were taught how to care for and organize collections and created a 3-D stamp project. The camp culminated with an auction that allowed kids to purchase stamps and other items they would need to maintain their personal collections using “Stamp Camp Cash.”

Stamp enthusiasts donate items from their personal collections to be given to the children who attend these events, said Edgcomb.

Edgcomb has been conducting stamp camps across the country since 1995. Shown above is a photo taken at one of her previous stamp camps.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM