Friday, January 11, 2008

APS Volunteer Recognition Awards

The American Philatelic Society has announced that it will be giving Volunteer Recognition Awards for "those unsung heroes" that serve the hobby at the local and regional level, as well as awards for outstanding young adult philatelists and young philatelists ages 15 to 24 who have served philately.

Nominations are now open for these awards in four categories...

- National Promotion/Service — maximum of five recipients each year
- Local Promotion/Service — maximum of ten recipients each year
- Outstanding Young Adult Philatelist (ages 25-40) — one award each year
- Outstanding Young Philatelist (ages 15-24) — one award each year

All these awards require at least five years of service, though APS membership is not required. APS board members, staff, and Luff Award winners are not eligible.

National Promotion/Service Award winners cannot subsequently win the Local Promotion/Service Award, and each award can be won only once. Winners of these awards will receive a pin and a certificate.

In addition to providing their name and contact information as well as those of the nominee, nominators should include details including length of service and positions the nominee held with local clubs, philatelic organizations and shows, including mentoring, promotion and leadership roles, as well as citing evidence of excellence, initiative and persistence.

Information and a nomination form (in pdf format) for the APS Volunteer Recognition Awards are available by contacting contact APS Public Relations/Media Manager Fred Baumann at or call him at 814-933-3803, ext. 212.

You can also send a letter requesting a nomination form to APS Volunteer Recognition Award Nomination, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte PA 16823.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is April 1, after which any nominations received too late for consideration in 2008 will be considered for 2009.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM