Monday, March 17, 2008

Papua New Guinea stamps of distinction

The Sydney Morning Hearld reports that an unique collection of Papua New Guinea stamps and covers will be auctioned off next month.

According to the article, "It is thanks to the missionaries that so much postal history survives from this region. They tended to be avid stamp collectors and most of the known rarities have filtered through the collections of former missionaries. Some missionaries are still alive and possibly sitting on small fortunes."

"Interest in philatelic microcosms such as Papua New Guinea is now widespread," writes reporter James Cockington, "...especially among investors looking for the philatelic equivalent of blue-chip stocks. It would be virtually impossible for new collectors to compile anything similar."

Sydney lawyer Tim Rybak (shown above), who started collecting as a child, owns the collection and has kept a low profile in the philatelic community. He has never exhibited his stamps, as most of the big collectors tend to do.

Rybak is quoted as saying it was only five years ago that he realised what a valuable asset his childhood hobby had become. Selling was a hard decision but he now seems almost relieved to pass the collection on. He admits that he has never visited the country whose postal history has fascinated him most of his life.

It is estimated the worth of the entire collection to be $1.1 million but is expecting more - about $1.5 million - if the expected bidding wars take place.

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