Sunday, April 20, 2008

UK's Rising Sun pub

Earlier this month UK's Bognor Regis Observer ran an interesting story about the Rising Sun pub which has also been named at times the Stamp House and the Bersted Tavern.

The paper writes, "Many pubs have a quirky characteristic about them. It's what makes them different and it's what attracts regular patrons who enjoy the quaint ambience."

What makes the Rising Sun different?

In 1882, a customer challenged the owner to cover part of a room with stamps. Well, the owner, who was a stamp collector, did just that. He stuck stamps all over a complete room from floor to ceiling.

According to the paper, "And it was not a matter of randomly sticking stamps on the walls; he wove designs with the stamps, such as the words 'Jubilee Stamp Room' on one wall, while another wall displayed a large star design and the Bognor coat of arms was displayed above the fireplace. Other displays included a picture of Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales Feathers."

More than two million stamps were used worth about £28,000.

To read the entire article, click here.
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