Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doane Cancels

According to Gary Anderson, "Doane Cancels" were the Post Office Department's first attempt to improve postmark legibility by issuing rubber handstamps.

On Anderson's website he says, "The name honors Edith R. Doane a postal historian who became interested in these early 20th century handstamps in the 1950's. She published her first research findings in 1978."

Basically, there are 3 types according to Anderson.

Type 1 Doane Cancels have 5 bars with a number in them. They were issued from Aug. 28, 1903 to Sep. 28, 1903 for just one month. Approximately 1600 Type 1 Doane Handstamps were issued including the 500 experimental post offices.

Type 2 Doane Cancels have 2 sets of railroad track type bars with a number in them. They were issued from Sep. 29, 1903 until Jun. 30, 1905. Approximately 17,500 Type 2 Doane Handstamps were issued.

Type 3 Doane Cancels have 4 solid bars like a standard 4-bar handstamp cancel with a number in them. Sometimes they are very hard to see because of the green colored stamps of the period. They were issued from Jul. 1, 1905 until the fall of 1906. Approximately 12,000 Type 3 Doane handstamps were issued.

For examples and known uses, click here.
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