Thursday, June 05, 2008

A World Fit For Children

According to the UNICEF website, a new postage stamp, the first of its kind, has been issued in Armenia in "an effort to reduce infant deaths worldwide."

This past February, UNICEF announced the stamp-drawing contest with the theme, ‘A World Fit for Children’. Over 600 children, most of them with special needs or living in institutions, submitted their drawings for the contest.

Eight-year-old Eduard Shahbazyan from Yerevan was the winner.

On the reverse side of the drawing he submitted, Eduard wrote: “I drew myself, my mother and my father inside the sun that spreads its warmth and sheds its light on my family. I drew my mother and my father because like the sun they give me a lot of warmth. I wish that children always feel the warmth of their mothers and fathers.”

Shown above is his winning entry.

UNICEF will receive $.10 from the sale of each stamp.

HayPost will also provide UNICEF with advertising space in its 900 post offices throughout the country, a crucial element for the success of the campaign.

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posted by Don Schilling at 8:17 AM