Saturday, July 26, 2008

Philately Extends Life

Stamp collectors won't live for ever.. but they can extend their social life and world view and make money all at the same time according to Armand Rousso (shown here).

Armand, the owner and chairman of the International Stamp Exchange Corporation of Miami Beach believes he can revive interest in philately with a combination of publicity and the lure of profit.

“There is not doubt that collecting stamps is not seen today as a modern, fashionable hobby” he writes on his blog - Armand Rousso Stamp Collecting.

“We are trying to dust it off and show, especially to young people, that it can be great fun and, what is more important, very profitable."

He says, "Philately is also a way to learn more about the outside world and ourselves, and as we learn, we also grow."

He feels, "For the elderly, when the time of retirement approaches there is often an emptiness that philately can fulfill. Philately also provides a way to keep abreast of current events, as well as friends and a reason to socialize, allowing us to keep in touch with the world. To be passionate with something new can be converted to positive energy which strengthens the soul and builds resistance against physical diseases, melancholy or depression."

To read his entire article,Philately Extends Life click here.

To view an interview with Armand, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM