Monday, November 03, 2008

Solar-Powered Mail Delivery Vehicle Debuts

The Florida Times-Union reports U.S. Postal Service officials unveiled a new solar-powered, fuel-efficient vehicle (known as the T-3) late last week in St. Augustine, Florida.

Other locations where the T-3 is being tested include Atlantic Beach, Key West and Ocala in Florida, Phoenix and Sun City in Arizona, and San Diego and Irvine in California.

Reporter Larry Hannan writes, "The T-3 has a science fiction-like appearance with three wheels, a driver who stands up while driving, and a load capacity of 450 pounds. It travels at a maximum 12 mph and costs 4 cents a mile to operate."

USPS spokesman Bill Tyler could not say how much a T-3 costs, but is quoted as saying the price was less than a cheap new car.

He also said, "It is not clear how long the Postal Service will be testing the new vehicles, or what will happen once the testing period is over. If the T-3 works well in the testing areas, the Postal Service hopes to produce more vehicles and send them out to all parts of the country."

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM