Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who Would You Like to See on Stamps Honoring Stamp Collecting?

In the Feb. 7 edition of Linn's Stamp News, John Hotchner asks in the U.S. Notes column, "Who would be shown on U.S. stamps honoring stamp collectors?"

John writes, "I would nominate not the big money collectors who achieved fame by writing large checks to put together fabulous collections, but people who in the first 150 years built a national and indeed international infrastructure to support collectors."

His choices include...

John Walter Scott (1842-1919)
Jacques Minkus (1901-1996)
George W. Linn (1884 -1996)
George W. Brett (1912 -2005)

Now wouldn't those folks make a nice block of four?

As a footnote to the Minkus nomination, John reveals he worked for the Minkus operation at the Woodward and Lothrop department store in Washington, D.C. during the summers and college when he was in college.

I too have a connection with Mr. Minkus. Besides writing articles for The Minkus Stamp Journal in the 70s, I was once flown to New York for a job interview as his assistant in New York. It would have been nice working with him but I didn't get the job.

Shown above, Jacques Minkus.
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