Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making Money From Old Stuff

The Bangkok Post reports antique dealer Tatt Vanasilpa (shown here) enjoys making money from old stuff - especially stamps.

Reporter Sukhumaporn Laiyok writes, "[Tatt] began his collecting habit when he was a young boy. He was well acquainted with stamps and postcards since his father was a postmaster, and started collecting them after accompanying his father to the Charoenkrung area where a bevy of stamp and postcard retailers were located. He was so captivated by his new hobby, he spent most of his allowance on them."

According to the article,"He said he took great effort to do background research for the potential value of stamps by reading books and discussing them with like-minded people. Over time, he became more knowledgeable about stamps and finally found that his collection was very valuable both in monetary value and to him personally. He also recognised the possibility of profit in collecting rare stamps, which comes from the fact that they hold a degree of historical value from whichever country they come from."

Tatt decided to make a career change by leaving his job as a senior manager of BMW Group (Thailand) Ltd. and becoming a consultant for Eur-Seree Collecting Co Ltd, one of Thailand's auction houses.

Today he is recognised as one of the country's top experts on antiques, stamps and coins.

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