Sunday, July 05, 2009

Canada's New Musical Icon Stamps

The Winnipeg Free Press reports, "New Canada Post stamps featuring Bryan Adams and Stompin' Tom Connors are music to the ears of a Winnipeg design company. Circle Design International designed the stamps released this week, which also feature French-Canadian rock pioneer Robert Charlebois and Acadian singer Edith Butler."

According to the article by Kevin Rollason, "The stamps follow the company's success in designing the first musical icon stamps two years ago, which featured Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, Anne Murray and Joni Mitchell."

Circle Design International also designed the two series of Canadians in Hollywood stamps as well as the 1999 Pan Am Games and the 125th anniversary of the RCMP stamps.

Besides being the owner of the company that designed the stamps, Circle Design founding principal Robert Peters (shown above) says he was a stamp collector himself and collected them as a child.

Rollason said Peters got his own copies of the stamps his company designed just like everyone else and quotes him as saying, "I was in line [at the post office] yesterday morning to get them."

To read the entire article, click here.
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