Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Montana Artist Creates Envelope Art

The Billings Gazette features an article about local artist David Dube who, according to the paper, is "one of an obscure group of artists whose work embellishes the envelopes of newly issued stamps."

Reporter Donna Healy writes, "His fascination with envelope art began in 1953, when his parents took him to the opening of the C.M. Russell Museum. Dube's folks encouraged him to illustrate his letters the way the famed cowboy artist had done."

Almost by accident, David found he could make money off his envelope art according to Donna.

During Montana's centennial in 1989, the post office issued a commemorative stamp of a Charlie Russell painting. David created 20 envelopes as keepsakes for his family, then stood in line to buy the stamps on their first day of issue.

He's quoted as saying, "By the time I had gotten a chance to buy my stamps, I had sold all of those 20 envelopes."

Today David is one of the top cachet makers in the country and gets upwards of $95 for each envelope he creates.

Shown above, Dube with an envelope he did with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly stamps. Cooper's stamp will be released later this week on Sept. 10.

To read the entire article, click here.
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