Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pied Piper of Stamp Collecting.

The Suburban Journals in St. Louis calls Ken Lucas "The Pied Piper of Stamp Collecting."

Reporter Kevin Carbery writes, "[Lucas],82, can only guess at the number of youngsters he has introduced to the hobby of philately in the more than 60 years he has volunteered to teach about stamps in various schools."

Ken is quoted as saying, "I have no idea how many kids I've turned into stamp collectors. Periodically, I'll hear from them. I just heard from a freshman at Northwest High School who is still collecting stamps."

Ken has been holding stamp collecting sessions in schools since 1948 with the exception of the two years he was in the Army.

Teacher Kim Anderson said she has welcomed Lucas into her 5th grade classroom for more than 20 years and sees the value of what the stamp collecting guru has to share with her students.

"He provides them with everything," she said. "Each time he comes, they'll get 50 stamps, 25 U.S. and 25 foreign. They learn everything. Every time he comes, it lasts about 45 minutes."

As part of his visit, Ken provides the students with a short 25-minute philatelic "show and tell" such the basic tools and techniques involved with the hobby or some topical subject on stamps such as presidents, sports,

Ken, a retired accountant, supplies the stamps and other materials he brings to his stamp collecting sessions out of his own pocket.

Ken says "I plan to keep doing this as long as I can. As long as my legs hold out and I can drive."

To donate to Ken's stamp collecting program or for more information, contact Kim Anderson at (636) 671-3382.

Shown above, Ken and one of his students.

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