Friday, October 02, 2009

Stamp Societies Exist for Many Specialties

According to one estimate there are over 110 countries worldwide have some sort of society for philatelists.
Michael Baadke, senior editor of Linn's Stamp News, writes in one of his Refresher Course articles titled Stamp Societies Exist for Many Specialties, "Something many collectors don't realize is that there are also a tremendous number of specialty groups that accept members from just about everywhere. While many of these groups hold meetings from time to time at different locations, most of their members never attend those meetings. Instead, they learn about the group's activities through regular journals or newsletters. These journals provide news and articles that specifically appeal to collectors with a specific area of interest."

Michael points out, "Different groups offer their members different benefits, and as a result, the membership dues can vary considerably, from just a few dollars annually, to $25 or more. Stamp society dues are a very worthwhile investment for collectors who are serious about their hobby. The information that comes from belonging to a specialty society can more than make up for the money spent."

Often club or society members find information that helps them save money and can get some great deals through auctions, outright purchases or trades.

To find various clubs and societies, here's a a good website that lists many of them them -

You might also try

Shown above, American Philatelic Society circuit books which are sent to members' homes on approval.

To read Michael's entire article, click here.
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