Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unusual Pet Mail

Larry T. Nix, publisher of the Library History Buff Blog, sends along a list of the Top 10 Unusual Mail Deliveries and Events.

Among them are Pony Express, Missile Mail, Child Post, Rural Free Delivery and other well-known types of mail deliveries.

However, there is one I had not heard of before.

It concerns the postmaster in Orlando, Florida who in December, 1954, received a pet chameleon and the following letter:
Dear Sir:

I am sending my chameleon because I live in Fostoria, Ohio and it is too cold for him here. Will you please let him loose?

Sincerely yours,

David __________

P.S. Could you let me know if he arrives there OK? Thank you very much. I am so worried about him.
On December 7, 1954, David received the following response:
Dear David,

I received your chameleon yesterday and he was immediately released on the post office grounds. Best wishes for a merry Christmas!


L.A. Bryant, Jr.
To read the entire list, click here.
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