Thursday, December 24, 2009

Philately Stamped Out in Internet Age

"Once considered the 'king of hobbies', fit for those who seek knowledge and aesthetic pleasure, stamp collection is no longer a thing of attraction for the tech-savvy generation of this fast-paced internet age," writes reporter Ashis Senapati in the Times of India.

In his article, Philately Stamped Out in Internet Age,Senapati quotes stamp collector Manas Mohanty as saying,"Philately used to be more than just a pastime. It helped expand general knowledge, learn interesting details about the politics, history, geography, flora and fauna, national and international events, sports, films, science, agriculture of other countries. It helps cultivate attention to details and even make friends with other collectors across the border, irrespective of their age."

Another stamp collector, Haripada Panda, is also quoted... "I have been collecting stamps from my school days. I used to get foreign stamps from the letters of some of my pen friends. But now more and more people are turning to the internet to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Although the pleasure of receiving a well-written letter cannot be compared with anything else, the emphasis is now on speedy communication. So it has become difficult on me to collect stamps."

Shown above, "The Philatelist" - a Christmas card by Terence Cuneo, OBE.

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