Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

Emma Kat Richardson writes on the Bookslut website, "War is hell, and Sarah Blake, author of the new novel The Postmistress, has 101 ways to prove it."

The story takes place in 1940 and tells the story of events in pre-World War II New Hampshire as well as bomb ravaged London through the eyes of three American women.

Emma goes on to pen, "For example, did you know how graphic and devastating bomb explosions over a populated London skyline can be? Or that beloved and cherished family members (some of them even doctors and family men, no less!) oftentimes disappear without word, in much the same way their steady stream of written correspondence has the annoying tendency to abruptly dry up? These lessons (and many, many more) are all to be found here, bound and sandwiched between the interlocking stories of three World War II-era women and their copious struggles to make those elusively pesky ends meet, no matter how often the powers that be insist on moving those ends just out of reach."

Jennifer Donovan writes in an Amazon review of the book, "At the center of the story, and the town, is the old-maid postmistress Iris. The post office and the daily intake and output of mail create the hub of this small town. When Iris holds on to a letter that's been left in her care, the bedrock of order that she has created for herself is shaken. How will this affect Iris? How will it affect the doctor's wife, and even the female reporter far away in London?"

To watch a video of the author talking about her new book, click here.
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