Thursday, March 18, 2010

Young Collectors Becoming Scarce in Germany

According to an article on the website, "Time appears to have stood still in the 78-year-old stamp collecting shop on the Reinhardtstrasse in central Berlin. Surrounded by yellowing copies of magazines and stamp albums, 65-year-old shop owner Norbert Mankiewicz likes to reminisce about the 'better' times when philately was a popular hobby."

With most of his customers between 45 and 90 years old, Mankiewicz says young people are "less interested in stamps as email has replaced the letter and 'postcards' can be sent from almost any mobile phone. If you need a stamp in Germany you can send a text message to the post office and then receive a code to write on your letter."

There are three million philatelists in Germany, which makes it the second biggest stamp collecting nation in the world according to the piece.

The chairman of the country's philately association, Dieter Hartig is quoted as saying he regrets that young Germans are more partial to surfing the internet or using a Playstation than collecting stamps.

In order to encourage more youngsters to take up the hobby, the philately association places advertisements in magazines, makes school visits and even has a department dedicated to teenagers.

Shown above, a 1951 stamp from East Germany promoting youth philately.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM