Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are Stamp Collectors an Endangered Species?

Columnist Harry L. Rinker writes on his website a disturbing article about the future of certain hobbies.

While not specifically mentioning stamp collecting, some of his Ten Signposts to Identify Endangered Collecting Categories do sound frighteningly familiar.

Harry lists these 10 indications that a hobby is becoming extinct...

SIGNPOST 1: The average age of collectors exceeds 60. An average age of 55-60 is a warning.

SIGNPOST 2. It is possible to count the number of major collectors on two hands and/or the number of collectors is 50 or less.

SIGNPOST 3. A collectors’ club or clubs disappearance.

SIGNPOST 4. Objects from the collecting category are no longer available or found in limited quantities at antiques malls, shops, and shows.

SIGNPOST 5. The sell-through rate on eBay drops below 20 percent.

SIGNPOST 6. Nothing is able to check the steady decline in value.

SIGNPOST 7. Objects disappear or are sold in lots at auction.

SIGNPOST 8. No new specialized price guide or reference book on the collecting category has appeared within the last five years.

SIGNPOST 9. Trade periodicals provide little to no coverage of the collecting category.

SIGNPOST 10. The collecting category disappears, is grouped with other collecting categories, or is totally ignored in general antiques and/or collectibles price guides.

Harry writes “Rinker on Collectibles,” a weekly syndicated column, which appears in trade papers and daily periodicals around the country.

To read the entire article, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM