Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tunisia Holds International Conference on Future of Postal Stamps reports the "Future of Postal Stamps" is the focus of the international conference which opened on Tuesday in Tunis.

The event was organized by the Tunisian Post, in association with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP).

Representatives of the African Postal Union and senior officials of the Universal Postal Union and the World Association for Development of Philately are taking part.

According to the article, "The event represents an opportunity to discuss ways to boost security in the making of postal stamps such as the fight against counterfeiting and illegal issuance of stamps as well as to promote innovation in this sector in order to guarantee sustainability of this activity in light of the international technological changes."

According to USPS spokesperson Mark Saunders, no representatives from the United States Postal Service are attending the conference. Mark went on to say, "Our participation has been by simply answering questionnaires about our program."

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM