Monday, August 23, 2010

P.O. Box Mail Getting Recycled

The United States Postal Service has announced it's going greener than green.

A recent USPS news release points out, "Customers can recycle their P.O. Box mail as an easy, planet-friendly alternative to taking it home to discard... with more than 10,000 locations across the country, nearly 50 percent more than last year, it’s even easier to be green by recycling Post Office Box mail."

In the release, Sam Pulcrano, USPS vice president for sustainability, is quoted as saying, "“Our history of environmental efforts goes back more than 100 years when the Postal Service was recycling before there was even a universal symbol for it. It’s our goal to make every letter and package a greener experience, and lobby recycling is a great way to be green by recycling discarded P.O. Box mail right at the Post Office.”

The release goes on to say, "Recycling containers are locked and feature a narrow opening — about the width of a magazine, so the mail, and customer privacy, is ensured. Photos of the recycling containers and a complete list of participating Post Offices can be found in the USPS green newsroom and at"

Shown above, a lobby recycling container.

To read the entire news release, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM