Friday, August 06, 2010

This Stamp Is Brought to You By....

Jim S. Schultz writes in a letter that appears on South Dakota's Argus Leader website, "As early as 1963, Robert Brodie, vice president of a New York advertising agency, suggested to the U.S. Post Office Department that advertising on the back of postage stamps could help to erase the postal deficit. Nothing developed, and his suggestion was forgotten."

Jim goes on to say, "Again in the early 1980s, Rep. Barry Goldwater Jr. proposed the use of private advertisements on U.S. stamps to help reduce the postal deficit. His idea was found impracticable."

He also thinks it would be a good idea to have stamps that are 1-inch by 4 1/4 inches to accommodate space for ads.

Jim believes, "Just about every sports stadium in the country is named after the private donor who helped to pay for the stadium. The Postal Service likewise should allow private companies to help pay for continued mail service."

New Zealand increased its revenue by utilising the backs of stamps for advertising purposes as early as 1893. Shown above are some examples.

To read his entire letter, click here.

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