Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Albuquerque Philatelist Society is gearing up for this weekend's NewMexPex2010.

The two-day event is for "those going postal for the square-sized postmarks," writes reporter Alexandra Swanberg on the website.

John DeBoo, the society’s librarian, said the exhibition will have variety of exhibits. As far as putting together a stamp exhibit, DeBoo is  quoted as saying, “There are certain rules to follow as far as how the material is presented and organized, and that gets to be quite anal, to me. It’s like the whole world is there, from left to right. That’s how stamp exhibiting tends to be, as far as what people exhibit.”

Also quoted is Thomas Clinkenbeard, the society’s president, who said, "For those composing thematic collections for the exhibition, stamp arrangement is a vital aspect... The postal history would tell me more about what’s on the covers, where a thematic (arrangement) is going to give me a storyline of whomever I’m showing or whatever I’m showing on that stamp."

Shown above, part of collector Don Swartz's Vatican collection.

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