Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Club Putting Together a Stamp Collecting "Country Fair"

In the United States Army there is such a thing known as a "Country Fair." 

These are training exercises that consist of several stations where soldiers learn first aid, map reading, weapons assembly/disassembly as well as other topics.

Individual or small groups go through the various stations and are receive instruction. When finished they move on the next station.

The Glendale/La Crescenta, CA stamp club is putting together something similar for local Boy Scouts to earn their stamp collecting merit badge and as a way for others in the community to learn about the hobby.

The club has come up with four stations, that after completing, individuals will know a great deal about the hobby and fulfill the scout merit badge requirements.

At station one, participants learn about the history of stamps and stamp collecting.

At station two, they find out about types of albums (commercial, homemade) and stock books as well as various ways of collecting stamps - i.e. geographical, topical, etc.

At station three, they are introduced various types of stamps, covers, use of catalog and the factors that affect value.

At station four, they get a demonstration on the tools of the hobby - tongs, hinges, glassine envelopes, watermark fluid, magnifying glasses, etc. They also get hands on soaking stamps.

The club plans to hold these twice a year.

For more on scout merit badges, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM