Friday, January 21, 2011

Scholarships for Stamp Collectors

Maureen Katemopoulos, a contributor to,  lists several organizations that provide scholarships to philatelists and postal history scholars.

Among these are...

The Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship -  a traveling scholarship administered by the Royal Philatelic Society which is open to philatelists worldwide wishing to study Commonwealth stamps or postal history. The scholarship covers travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Applicants must provide an outline of the proposed subject of study and how it applies to the applicant's previous philatelic research. Curriculum vitae information calls for philatelic accomplishments as well as personal details.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum and Confederate Stamp Alliance Scholarship - for research and analysis into the design of a Confederate stamp. The $2,000 scholarship is for doctoral candidates and advanced graduate students. It covers the cost of travel to Washington D.C., or any library with Confederate State archives.

The Rita Lloyd Moroney Awards For Scholarship In Postal History -  The United States Postal Service (USPS) sponsors two annual scholarships to increase awareness of the role the post office plays in contemporary life. The $1,000 junior scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate students. The $2,000 senior scholarship is for faculty members, independent scholars and public historians. Any topic centered on the history of the American postal system qualifies for entry. It's open to any theses, dissertations and conference papers accepted or presented within three years before the application deadline.

Duck Stamp Contest Scholarships - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has an annual contest for duck stamp designs. In the New Hampshire contest, for example, a $500 scholarship goes to the Best-of-Show winner. Best-of-Show winners from the state-level contests go on to represent their states in the national contest. The winning work at the national level becomes the following year's official duck stamp.

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