Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elvis Spotted at the Lewisburg Post Office

Robert Wakefield, postmaster of the Burns Post Office in Tennessee, writes about his career in the Tennessean newspaper.

Robert started off as a letter carrier and then moved on to being a retail clerk. He says among the perks of having an inside job is that it's "warm in the winter and cool in the summer and dry all the time."

Robert also describes his most memorable day which was in 1992 when the Elvis stamp (shown above) went on sale.

Prior to the stamp going on sale, Robert says he asked a semi-professional Elvis impersonator if he could borrow one of his outfits. According to Robert,  it was "an authentic Elvis outfit – white jump suit with bell bottom legs and red sparkle buttons, a red scarf and TCOBs necklace. (Taking Care Of Business)."

On the day the stamp went on sale there were about 125 people lined up, the post office parking lot was full and people were parking at a church next door just to buy the stamp which went on sale at noon.

"When the magical hour hit, one of the window clerks shouted, “Could I have your attention please? Could I have your attention? The King is Here!”

Robert says, "I walked around the corner and the crowd went wild. Thunderous applause erupted as I walked to the counter to start selling the Elvis stamp. The best part of that day – with every Elvis Stamp I sold, I said the immortal words, “thank you, thank you very much.”

The next day, the headlines for the local newspaper read “ELVIS SPOTTED AT LEWISBURG POST OFFICE”.

To read Robert's entire piece, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM