Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Illegal Drug Revenue Stamps Popular With Collectors

Alabama's Anniston Star reports, "A little more than a decade ago, the auditors in Charles Crumbley’s office were at the front lines of the drug war, finding ways to squeeze tax revenue out of drug dealers caught in the act. These days, Crumbley rarely gets a call about the state’s tax on illegal drugs. And when he does, the calls are usually from pranksters or philatelists."

Assistant Metro Editor Tim Lockette writes, "Crumbley is director of the Investigations Division at the State Department of Revenue. Normally, his office investigates people and businesses suspected of tax fraud and tax evasion [however]... the department still sells the tax stamps — glossy green, orange and pink stickers with a seal that bears the state’s name and an admonition to 'just say no' to the drug being taxed."

Tim goes on to say, "State officials don’t ask people why they want the stamps — there’s that Fifth Amendment prohibition on self-incrimination. But most customers, Crumbley said, volunteer that they’re buying the stickers as a joke or for a stamp collection.The marijuana stamp is by far the most popular. But then, Crumbley said, it’s the cheapest. There are stamps available in denominations up to $40,000, which doesn’t happen to be a big seller."

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM