Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Intriguing and Quirky" Social Network Sites

Stuart Thomas writes about the world of social networks on the website.

In his article, Sex, Knitting and Ayn Rand: Our Favourite Offbeat Social Networks he selects eight examples based on their"surprising user numbers, intriguing content and quirky characters."

One of those selected was

Stuart writes, "My Philately is a social network for people who practice philately, or stamp collecting. The site is a place where enthusiasts can discuss stamps, upload images and meet other collectors. Set up [their] own or join collecting groups, participate in exchange programs … plus much more.

He goes on to say, "I’m a little disappointed this site doesn’t have a dating portal. Two people finding love over a Penny Black beats the heck out of “we hooked up a couple of times in a club and then decided we might as well make a go of this whole relationship thing”.

According to Stuart, "The site is tastefully maintained with plenty of pictures, and there’s no sign of hyper-competitive bidding over something from a rare, flawed run from 1963. MyPhilately actively encourages its members to go out and meet each other if they’re nearby and, at the very least, use the site to communicate. They’re doing everything to steer away from the stereotype of the kid who collects stamps being the one to get beaten up behind the bicycle shed every day. I applaud MyPhilately. Philologists of the world unite!"

Would someone please tell Stuart "philology" is the study of language in written historical sources; it is a combination of literary studies, history and linguistics. I think he meant to say, "Philatelists of the world unite."

To find out what Stuart's other choices were for "intriguing and quirky" social network sites, click here

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM