Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stamp Collection Starts a New Career

Michael H. Hodges of the Detroit News reports."When [Bill] Rauhauser was in 10th grade, his father gave him his old stamp collection. Walking to school, Rauhauser complained he didn't give two hoots about stamp collecting. Another kid said his father had given him a camera, but stamps were way more interesting. Could they trade? With that switch, Rauhauser, 92, acquired a primitive Argus camera and dove into a calling that would ultimately come to define his adult life, " writes

According to Hodges, "Had it not been for that stamp collection, Bill Rauhauser — dean of Detroit street photography for more than 60 years — might never have found his calling."

Photography legend Edward Steichen included Rauhauser's portrait of two girls leaning against a soldier in the 1955 "Family of Man" exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, one of the most influential photography shows of all time.

Shown above, Bill Rauhauser.

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