Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Odd Stamps Highlight Ohio Show

Ohio's Daily Record reports the Wooster Stamp Club held its annual stamp show and exhbition over the weekend and says it drew a "pretty good crowd."

Unusual stamps were part of the draw according to reporter Linda Hall.

Tom Hirschinger showed off some of his most unusual stamps which included New Zealand's first 3D stamp honoring the 2011 Rugby World Cup, a "moving model" stamp from the Netherlands of a young woman moving her hand up to her face, and a moving train stamp from Hong Kong.

Hirschinger was quoted as saying ,"I do try to get odd stamps -- a little different," such as the set of silk stamps from Thailand which are shown above.

Randy Sigler told Hall he collects things that interest him. He especially likes fancy cancels with "star" and "feather" designs.

According to the article, this year's exhibit theme was "Remembering the Onset of the Civil War."

Wooster Stamp Club President Jim Thompson, highlighting part of a display incorporating sterling silver stamps said, "They're kind of a rare thing, too. Then we have people who came with different themes," Thompson said, including French West Africa, space, and post offices from locations called Victor from around the world.

To read the entire article, click here.
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