Friday, November 25, 2011

Father Keeps Memory of Daughter Alive Through Stamps

India's IBN Live website reports, "On February 23, 1999, Dr. R. G.Sangoram lost his daughter, a fellow-philatelist. In her memory, he visits schools to educate kids about philately, thus keeping alive a hobby she was so intensely devoted to."

According to the article, Keerthi Sangoram was just 26-years- old when she died following adverse reactions to antibiotics. She left behind a remarkable stamp accompanied accompanied by handwritten explanatory notes.

Dr. Sangoram, a retired professor in chemistry, is quoted as saying,"Before I am her father, she is my Guru first. I developed an interest in philately because of her. I also learned how stamps have to be exhibited from Keerthi. I now visit schools, conduct workshops and encourage kids to take up this noble hobby."

Dr. Sangoram says philately goes beyond the mere act of collecting stamps.

"It involves collating knowledge about different countries, their history, politics and also economy. Keerthi took her stamps to 12 international exhibitions, winning silver prizes in all of them. She is probably the only Indian to have an exclusive stamp collection on Nobel laureates since 1901."

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