Friday, December 09, 2011

Ambassadors of Beauty

Father Raymond J. De Souza of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Kingston, Ontario writes on the National Post website,"The beauty of our cathedral will be shared with Canadians far and wide this year, albeit unwittingly for most. Canada Post's Christmas stamps for 2011 feature the magnificent stained glass windows of our cathedral. The designer, Andrew Perro, did a brilliant job of rendering the rich colour and detailed complexity of the enormous windows into the tiny format of the postage stamp. I offer the Mass amidst those windows every Sunday evening, so I am delighted that Canadians - and those around the world who receive mail from them - will get a glimpse of that beauty."

He goes on to say,"The use of stained glass images, a first for Canada Post, was inspired. For in the field of sacred art, stained glass has a particular place. It is art permanently for the people; stained glass windows cannot be put in museums or galleries. They adorn churches, sacred spaces to be sure, but also public places open to all. "

Father De Souza points out that stained glass is also an "apt metaphor for reality of the Church," quoting Pope Benedict as saying "From the outside, those windows are dark, heavy, even dreary. But once one enters the church, they suddenly come alive; reflecting the light passing through them, they reveal all their splendour."

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM