Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Kimmswick Post Office Restoration Project

Round Up reader Michael Erbschloe writes to say, "I work for the the City of Kimmswick, Missouri as the volunteer director of Economic Development. Kimmswick was founded in 1859 and now has a population of 152 people. Among our most treasured assets is a really old Post Office. I have been raising funds through various means to help restore the building."

He goes on to say, "Last summer at our annual Strawberry Festival we had a commemorative pictorial cancellation stamp provided by the USPS. In the fall we had a junk sale and for Christmas a raffle. I am considering starting a canceled postage stamp drive and working that into this year's Strawberry Festival as well.

"I need some advice.What if I did collect bunches, thousands, or even millions of stamps?Then what, sort them by groups, sell them by the pound on eBay? Any insights would be appreciated."

Mike would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas Round Up readers might have on this and any other fundraising suggestions. He can be reached at michaelerbschloe@att.net.

Shown above, the Kimmswick Post Office.

For more on the town of Kimmswick, Missouri and the Kimmswick Post Office Restoration Project, click here.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM