Saturday, February 04, 2012

Volunteers Begin Stamping Valentine Cards

Denver, Colorado's ABC Channel 7 News reports volunteers in Loveland have started stamping Valentine cards.

More than 160,000 cards are sent to Loveland each year to be stamped and remailed. Most are from the United States but many are from other countries.

According to Wikipedia, "Loveland’s Valentine Re-mailing Program began in January 1947 by Ted Thompson and Elmer Ivers, the Loveland postmaster after Ivers received about 30 valentines from individuals requesting to have the cards postmarked from Loveland for, “a romantic extra touch.” The two thought re-mailing valentines would be an opportunity to advertise Loveland, and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce agreed to promote the service. Thompson designed a cachet with the message, “A Valentine Greeting from Sweetheart Town, Loveland, Colorado,” and the image was a heart pierced by an arrow over the Rocky Mountains. The cachet was used twice, then Thompson started the tradition of changing it each year at the request of collectors. Since then, a different verse and design have been used every year."

The 2012 special message, called a cachet, says "Valentine greetings from a city with heart, Loveland, Colorado, home of fabulous art!"

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM