Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garden Shed Transformed into a Mini Post Office

"Royal Mail enthusiast Steve Knight, who spent £15,000 transforming his garden hut into a fully functional 1950s post office, has been nominated in the annual Shed of the Year contest," writes reporter Mark Molloy on Britain's Metro website.

According to Molloy, "Stamp collector Mr Knight took his Royal Mail obsession to new heights after completely remodelling his garden shed.It features its own telephone line, which is connected to the national network through a vintage 1937 exchange. The 50-year-old Essex resident had been collecting postal memorabilia for over a decade when he ran out of space to keep his collection.He then decided to give his modern lean-to, which includes original signs, scales, stamps and uniforms from a traditional 1950s post office, a makeover."

Knight is quoted as saying, "I've always been a keen stamp collector since I was a young boy but I started collecting letter boxes around 14 years ago and it just grew from their - I now have 115 of them dotted around the garden. After years of collecting - and thanks to donations from people whose family worked in the postal service - I realised I had everything needed to create a replica of a 1950s post office. That's when I began restoring the items and opened my post office shed to the public.

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posted by Don Schilling at 6:39 AM