Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Swiss Artist "Tidies Up" Stamp

Denise McCarty reports in the latest issue of Linn's Stamp News, "Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli has deconstructed a stamp design to illustrate his tidying up art."

McCarty goes on to write, "Wehrli  takes well-known pieces of art and reassembles in a neat, organized  fashion. He has also used this method to clean up other items, including parking lots with cars arranged by color, bowls of alphabet soup with letters all rows in alphabetical order, and fruit salad with the fruit lined up by type."

Shown above is combined original and "tidied up" stamp Wehrli came up with. The combination stamp was issued last month by Swiss Post.

To view more of Wehrli's work, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM