Monday, November 05, 2012

Bizarre BOBs, EFOs, and Cinderellas

Fellow blogger and Finnish collector Keijo Kortelainen posts on his Stamp Collecting Blog photos and write-ups about some of the interesting BOBs (Back of The Book), EFOs (Errors, Freaks and Omissions) and Cinderellas he's come across.

One of the ones that had him stumped is shown above.

Kortelainen writes, "Back-of-book issues are always fun to receive, as you usually have to do some detective work to find out details and history of the item.  [Above]  is a mystery item I assume to be from France.  I hope that French collectors could help me with this one as I have run into a dead end."

He goes on to say, "What I do know is… Text on the stamp is about quality regulation (Qualité réglementée) and export (Exportation). So this could be some kind of quality control label for exported products… Plougastel is an area  in northwestern France… I have also googled an (old /removed) eBay item  with description stating that something with similar text/description would be an rare  (something I doubt very heavily) item. So please, help me to find out what this is."

One of his readers responded by saying, "In the early 1960s before I finished school I worked in a greengrocers in Manchester England and have two of these stamps in my collection. They were on boxes of fruit from the fruit and vedge supplier not sure which fruit but it was from France."

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