Sunday, December 02, 2012

No Stamp - No Letter to Santa

Reporter Chris Doucette writes on Canada's Sun-News website, "A mother of two said she was told to put stamps on her kids' letters to Santa if she wanted them to reach the North Pole. And the Grinch-like move by Canada Post is not getting a stamp of approval from children."

According to Doucette when Hailey,7, and Tyler, 10, Cormack went to the post office to mail their letters with their mom, Vanessa, they were shocked when the postal worker informed her they needed to purchase stamps.

Vanessa is quoted as saying, "I've been sending letters to Santa since I was a kid and I've never needed a stamp," she said. And the fact (the postal worker) told me in front of my kids really took the magic out of it."

The exchange then prompted "an awkward exchange" with Tyler. Her son, who has been mailing his wish list most of his life, asked her,‘Why did Santa change the rules?"

"She didn't have any cash on her, so she and the kids had to return home with their letters still in hand. Vanessa made some phone calls and was told by a worker at a different post office to go ahead and mail the letters without stamps," pens Doucette.

She says she also spoke to someone at Canada Post's head office and was told the stamp requirement was "a new policy" but that letters without postage will still get to the North Pole this year.

Canada Post officially began accepting Santa letters, without stamps, in 1982.

Shown above, Vanessa and her children.

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