Thursday, January 31, 2013

USPS Offers Special Valentine's Day postmarks

ABC TV's New York affiliate is reporting can get your cards postmarked from towns like Beauty, Kentucky; Bliss, New York; Hartsville, Tennessee; Loveland, Colorado; Paradise, Pennsylvania; Lovely, Kentucky; or Valentine, Nebraska.

It goes on to say, "For those of you who have the opposite message to send, you can have the cards postmarked from places like Sour Lake, Texas; Embarrass, Minnesota; Independence, California; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Diablo, California; or even Coward, South Carolina."

According to the report, "If you want to add any of these extra sentiments to their greeting cards, you can simply address the card to that special person, affix a First-Class Mail postage stamp and put it into a larger envelope, also with postage, address it to "Valentine's Day Postmark, Postmaster," and then add any of the locations listed above to get that town's postmark."

In order to make sure the greeting cards receive the special postmark and are delivered in time for Valentine's Day, requests should be sent to the cities above by Feb. 5.

To get the appropriate ZIP codes, click here

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posted by Don Schilling at 11:32 AM