Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tom Engeman, 'Forever' stamp designer

Tom Engeman, designer of the 'Forever' stamp, got a nice write up in the Baltimore Sun this week.

Reporter/ columnist Jean Marbella interviewed Engeman,73, who told her he designed the stamp several years ago.

"'s his 16th or 18th or so stamp, he's lost count - and it was 'banked,' as many designs are, until needed."

According to the article,"...among his designs are stamps commemorating the World War II Memorial in Washington (2004, 37 cents, with the memorial in white with blue shadows, against a sunset sky) and the 150th anniversary of the Smithsonian (1996, 32 cents, the red sandstone "castle" against a golden sky)."

Engeman is quoted as saying his favorite design is one of a series of four stamps sold to nonprofits to use in their mailings, featuring a red butte with blue shadows against a yellow sky.

"It's simple and bold," he said. "It's hot."

"The other three - depicting a wetlands, a sea coast and a mountain - are small gems as well," writes Marbella.

Shown above is a Frederick News-Post photo showing Engeman signing envelopes at a post office near his home in Maryland on Monday.

According to the article that appeared along with the photo, "When Tom Engeman was in grade school, his uncle George gave the budding artist a collection of stamps. That gift shaped his life over the next 60 years."

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