Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend stamp show in Montana gets some good press

Collectors in Great Falls, Montana are featured in a article in the Great Falls Tribune written by Stacy Byrne.

At this weekend's Stamp Show and Paper Collectibles, presented by the Great Falls Stamp Club, members are giving away packets to youngsters that include about 500 stamps, stamp hinges, a postage stamp album and some tongs.

Past club president Jerry Woodward, retired from the Army Corps of Engineers; Adam Wenz, a chemistry professor at Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology; and Jacque Stingley, who's in customer relations at the Great Falls Post Office are quoted.

Woodward says he's unsure how many stamps he has but he boasts several albums with collections, such as Christmas seals, duck hunting stamps and even a few rare stamps, which draw gasps and comments like "they're beautiful" from fellow members of the Great Falls Stamp Club.

In addition to various exhibits, the show will feature stamp dealers from around Montana as well as Idaho and Washington, plus dealers of paper collectibles — old magazine advertisements, documents, calendars, etc.

The Great Falls Post Office will also have a special pictorial postmark and cachet envelope.

Shown above are a page of "fancy cancels" which one of the club members will have on display.

To read the entire, article click here.

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