Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wreck & Crash Mail Society joins APS

The Wreck & Crash Mail Society has joined the American Philatelic Society as Affiliate # 259.

Organized in 1994, the Society currently has 73 members. Worldwide in scope as well as membership, the Society is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and damaged mail and interrupted mail service, including but not limited to mail salvaged from accidents in transport by land, sea or air, in war or in peace, and mail delayed by conflict, crime, and other man-made misadventure or natural catastrophe, such as fires and earthquakes.

The Society consists of four study groups: the Air Crash Study Group, Railroad Wreck Study Group, Ship Wreck Study Group, and Suspended Mail/Conflicts Study Group.

Each contributes articles to the society’s quarterly English-language journal, La Catastrophe, which has articles on all aspects of wreck and crash mail, news on new discoveries, auction realizations, and questions from members seeking information on their crash and wreck covers and the stories behind them.

Sample copies of La Catastrophe are available to non-members for $8 U.S., plus postage.

Shown above is a envelope recovered from the May 6, 1937, Hindenburg crash at Lakehurst,NJ. It was sold last year at auction for $15,000.

To visit the Wreck & Crash Mail Society website, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM