Saturday, June 14, 2008

$2.60 Zeppelin Among the Missing

One man has been arrested and another is being sought for allegedly stealing some $140,000 in stamps from Nutmeg Stamp Sales. Both suspects worked in the shipping department according to an article which appeared in the News-Times of Danbury, Connecticut.

Detective George Bryce, Jr. is quoted as saying, "People would purchase stamps, and as they prepared them for shipment, some would end up missing. Some of the shipments were big, so they figured, 'Who would know?'"

Among the missing items was a mint $2.60 Zeppelin (similar to the one shown above).

Reporter John Pirro writes, "The [Zeppelin] was originally purchased from Nutmeg in November by a Michigan collector who bid $6,000 at auction. The collector asked Nutmeg to ship the stamp to Professional Stamp Experts, a company in California that would grade and encapsulate it in plastic, before Nutmeg sent it to him."

But when Nutmeg went to ship the then-encapsulated stamp to the collector in December, it couldn't be found.

The investigation began in January, after Nutmeg president David Coogle and chief operating officer Lawrence Gibson reported some stamps shipped to customers hadn't made it to their destinations.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM